Presenting from Sweden 🇸🇪: Hjorthagens Kammarkör 🎶

Hjorthagens Kammarkör is a mixed chamber choir based in the Church of Hjorthagen, Engelbrekt parish, Stockholm. The choir was founded in August 2016 by its then conductor and artistic director Karin Oldgren. Fredrik Winberg is the conductor and artistic director since August 2022.

Since its inception, the choir has given annual Christmas and Lucia concerts as well as recurring summer concerts. In addition to that, the choir likes to do exciting projects, such as first perfomances and stage productions.

The choir also usually celebrates the New Year performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony together with Engelbrekts kammarkör and members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

In May 2018, Hjorthagens kammarkör participated in the choir competition Venezia in Musica in Venice, Italy. The choir took two gold diplomas and victories in the sacred music and mixed choir categories. In addition, Hjorthagens kammarkör was victorious in the Grand Prix of the competition Venezia in Musica.

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